Once you have successfully connected your database, uploaded a .csv, or connected to another data source, you may want to manage these tables.

Delete a Table

To remove a table you can right-click the name of the table in the Data view and select Delete.

This will cause any queries that have been built with that table name to error.

If you connect data with the same name, then the queries will attempt to re-run with the new data.

Deleting a table that has been imported from another project will only delete the table in that project. The original data will remain in its original project.

Import Table from Another Project

If you want to add data from one project to another, you can do so by:

  1. Going to the project where you want to add the data
  2. Click the Data tab and click Add data
  3. Select Another project
  4. Select the table(s) you want to import

In order to move data from one project to another, the original project for the data table must have the data-sharing permission enabled. You can find this in the Project Settings tab.

Refresh a Table

At any point, you can manually refresh a table by clicking the Update button when you right-click a table name.

Update a Table

If your data's structure has changed then you may need to take action to get the changes to reflect in Count.

If the changes are additive (e.g. new columns) then no action is needed. The data will update automatically.

If data has been removed that is not part of a primary or foreign key in the schema, then no action is needed. The data will update automatically.

If a column that is listed as a primary or foreign key has been removed, then the data won't refresh but you will keep the latest version of the data. You will have to update the schema before refreshing the table.

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