Workspaces are a collection of projects, team members, and data. You can be a member or admin of any number of workspaces. Each individual's access to data and projects is managed at the project level.

Anyone with a Count account can create any number of workspaces for free. Whenever you sign-in to Count you are authenticated for all your workspaces so you can easily switch between them.

Managing Membership

Roles and Permissions

You can see and manage your workspace members in the Settings & Members tab in the Workspace. Each member in a workspace can be either an Owner or a Member.


  • Owners have full control over the workspace. They control who can access the workspace, everyone’s role, and billing.
  • Owners automatically have admin access to every project in the workspace.
  • Most workspaces should only need 1-2 owners (but must have at least 1)


  • Members can create or join any project in the workspace.
  • Members can be either an admin or editor within each project they have joined.

Changing Roles

Workspace Owners only.

Workspace Owners can change the role of any other member to be either Owner or Admin.

Inviting Members

Workspace Owners only.

To invite new members you can either:

  1. Click the Invite members button on the Members page and enter individual email addresses
  2. Add an allowed email domain (e.g. so anyone with that email domain can join the workspace automatically (recommended)

Pending Members

If an invited member has not yet accepted their invite, their name will appear greyed out in the list of members.

Remove a Member

Workspace Owners only.

Any Workspace Owner can remove a member of the team in the Members page in the Settings & Members section.

Workspace Settings

Change the Workspace Name

Workspace Owners only.

If you need to update the name of your workspace, you can do so by heading to:

  1. Settings & Members
  2. Workspace Settings

Deleting a Workspace

Workspace Owners only.

We hope you won't need to do this, but should you need to delete you Workspace for any reason you can head to:

  1. Settings & Members
  2. Workspace Settings
  3. Delete workspace

Usage & Billing

Workspace Owners only.

Workspace Owners will be able to monitor their data usage and billing details in the Usage & Billing section of the Settings & Members tab.

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