Projects contain data, notebooks, and members.

Projects help you organize, and manage your work by allowing you to group the analysis needed for a given decision or report together with the analysis, and control who in your workspace has access to each project.

Project Data

A project can contain any of the following data sources:

  • CSV files
  • data integrations (learn more here)
  • or tables from other projects

You can optionally set a schema for your data to make joining data between tables easy and automatic.

See more about defining a schema here.

Project Notebooks

The project notebooks are where you'll do your analysis and reporting. They can be either in draft (just for you), or published for all project members to view/edit.

Project Members & Permissions

Within a project, a user can be either an Admin, Editor, or Viewer. The differences are:


  • Admins control access and permissions for the project.
  • They decide what data is imported into the project and whether data can be exported.
  • Workspace owners are admins of every project in the workspace automatically.


  • Editors can create, read, and edit notebooks in the project.
  • They have full query access to the project’s data, but cannot change it.


  • Viewers can view all published notebooks in the project.
  • They are unable to see any data stored within the project or create their own notebooks or queries.

When you create a project you have the following options for who can access your project:

  1. Invite-only: you can decide who you want to be in your project, and what role they will have (admin, or editor)
  2. All members of this workspace can create and edit notebooks: all members of the workspace are editors of the project
  3. All members of this workspace are project admins: all members of the workspace are admins of the project

You can manage your workspace members and permissions in the Members tab of the Project.

Project Settings

Data Sharing

As a Project Admin, you can specify who, if anyone, can use the data in your project in another project.

The options are:

  • No-one (default)
  • Admins: meaning only project Admins can add data from this project into another project
  • Editors: meaning project Editors AND Admins can add data from this project into another project.

Note: Workspace Owners can always use data from any project in any other.

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