Cell alerts allow you and your teammates to receive email notifications if certain cells meet a particular condition, or just whenever the data is refreshed. These can be powerful ways to be alerted to unexpected changes, to set up data quality tests, or just to stay updated on the latest trends.

Create an Alert

When you publish or merge a notebook, you will be asked if you want to create a view or an alert.

Alert Types

For each cell alert, you have the option to set an alert type. The options are:

  • All updates: You will get an email whenever the data is refreshed
  • Only when rows are returned: You will only get an email if the query returns any rows (ideal for data quality checks)

For example, if you wanted to do a data quality check you could set up a query that returned all rows in which a column is null (or another condition that should never be met). Ideally, the query should return no results. Setting up an alert to tell you when the query does return results, will let you know when to check on your data quality.

Similarly, if you wanted to know what the latest top 10 products are, or the contracts signed in the last 24 hours, then you can use an All updates alert to see the latest data.

Note: If a cell errors, you will receive an email alert regardless of the alert type selected.

Subscribe to a Notebook's Alerts

Once a notebook has cell alerts created, each user has the option to Subscribe to the cell alerts in the notebook. When you open the menu of a published notebook, you'll see the option to Subscribe to alerts in the notebook:

This step ensures users are opting-in to notifications for a particular notebook.

Note: You must have view or edit permissions on a notebook to receive alerts. If your access is revoked, then you will stop receiving cell alerts.

Manage your Alerts

To see all active alerts, you can go to Settings & Members, then to Notifications.

You can Unsubscribe from any notebook's alerts by clicking the X next to the notebook name.

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