Update your Preferences & Details

Within each of your Workspaces, you can customize your user details and preferences. Specifically, you can do the following:

Account Details

  • Your display name
  • Your linked email address (you will need to contact us at hello@count.co to do this)

Account Preferences

In your account preferences, you can decide whether you want every new cell to be in code mode or drag-and-drop mode by default.

This means if you tend to use SQL to build your queries, you can make sure each cell is ready for SQL input instead of changing the input type each time.

Leave a Workspace

Should you need to leave a workspace, you can do so in the Settings & Members > Account section.

When you do leave the workspace, all published notebooks and versions will remain, but any draft notebooks will be deleted.

Delete your Account

When you leave your last workspace this will delete your account.

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