Your workspace is shared with your team members. This article goes through how to manage those members, including adding, removing, and changing permissions.

Workspace Roles & Permissions

Every member of your workspace has one of 2 possible roles:


  • Owners have full control over the workspace. They control who can access the workspace, everyone’s role, and billing.
  • Owners automatically have admin access to every project in the workspace.
  • Most workspaces should only need 1-2 owners, but must have at least 1 owner.


  • Members can create or join any project in the workspace.
  • Members can be an admin, editor, or viewer within each project they have joined.

Project Roles & Permissions

Project Roles

In addition to workspace roles and permissions, each Project has its own roles and permissions for its members. This allows you to manage who can see, edit different data sources and analysis. The project-level roles are:


  • Admins control access and permissions for the project.
  • They decide what data is imported into the project and whether data can be exported.
  • Workspace owners are admins of every project in the workspace automatically.


  • Editors can create, read, and edit notebooks in the project.
  • They have full query access to the project’s data, but cannot change it.


  • Viewers can view all published notebooks in the project.
  • They are unable to see any data stored within the project or create their own notebooks or queries.

Note: Workspace Owners have Admin permissions of every project.

Project Data Permissions

Within the Settings of each project, you can manage your data permissions. Specifically, you can decide who, if anyone, can use the data in this project in another project.

The options are:

  • No-one (default)
  • Admins only
  • Editors (and admins)

Note: Workspace owners can always use data from any project in any other.

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