If you're looking for more advanced querying functionality, or to migrate some existing SQL queries, you may want to query your data directly in SQL.

If you want the power of SQL without the cumbersome syntax, check out our guide to Notebook SQL!


Count's SQL is very similar to BigQuery's Standard SQL. You can learn more about the syntax in the following articles:

How to Query using SQL

1. Create a Cell

You can create a cell by typing // or clicking the Add cell button at the bottom of the notebook.

Make sure your cell is in Code mode.

2. Create your Query

Type your SQL query into the code box and click Shift + Enter to execute the cell (or click the Play button in the cell).

3. Visualize your Results

By selecting Visual as your output type you can see a chart of your data instantly.

Check out the Visualization section to learn more about how to customize your visualizations.

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