Once you have the chart you want, formatting that chart can make all the difference when communicating with others. This article walks through how to customize your chart to your liking.

Customizing your Chart

Chart Titles

In addition to naming each cell, you can name each Table/Visual. When you hide the input of a cell, the Title will remain.

There are no restrictions on the characters you can use to title your charts.

Chart Styling

In the Style section of the menu you can customize the colors of various parts of your visual.

Customizing your Axis

When you select an axis in your Edit Visual builder a new menu will appear that lets you customize your axis including the title, the format and scale of the values.

Axis Titles

There are no restrictions on what you can name your axis, so be as descriptive as you need to make your chart easy to understand.

Axis Sorting

To sort your chart by one of your axes, you can tick the box for Ascending, Descending or None in the Sorting section of the menu.

Axis Scales

By default, the axis will scale to show the full range of values, but if you want to specify the range, and the scale (e.g. Linear, or Logarithmic), you can do so in the Scale section of the menu.

Axis Label Formatting

To change the way your axis labels are formatted, you can specify exactly how you want them displayed in the Labels section. This includes:

  • Numbers (e.g. 3M)
  • Currency (e.g. £343.56)
  • Datetime (e.g. 10/10/2020)
  • Percentage (e.g. 12%)
  • Scientific (e.g. 3E10)

For each of the above Label Types, you can also customize:

  • Decimal places displayed
  • Display Units: 1000 -> 1K
  • Negative Values: -123.45 or (123.45)
  • Prefix: string to put at the start of the label
  • Suffix: string to add to the end of the label
  • Thousands operator: 1,000 or 1000

And for dates, the options are:

  • Short date: 10/11/2020
  • Long date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Color Customization

To change the colors in your visual, you can click the Color axis in the Layer you want to select the colors you want:

Color Scheme Customization (coming soon!)

Size Customization (coming soon!)

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