The Count notebook is built for more than just static reports. Making your notebooks interactive transforms your notebook from a static report to a living and reactive notebook.

What are Interactive Controls?

Interactive controls are special cells that enable readers to interact with a published notebook. You can create the following types of interactive controls:

  • Date
  • Number
  • Single-Select
  • Multi-Select
  • Text Input

How to Add an Interactive Control

To add a control type "/" in the body of the notebook and use the pop-up menu to select the type of control you want to insert:

For Text, Number, and Dates, there's no more set-up to do.

For single and multiple select controls, you'll need to select a column to select values from:

How to Connect your Control to other Cells

Now that you've built the control, you need to make sure you've linked it to the right queries.

A control is very similar to other cells in that it has:

  1. A name
  2. A title (optional)
  3. An output (always called value)

So to add the control to the logic of your query you can reference it like any other cell:

The code above in Notebook SQL is:, sum(spotify_daily_tracks.streams), = a.value

If you're using SQL instead of Notebook SQL, you'll need to join your control table to your query. So the above query becomes:

INNER JOIN a ON ( = a.value)

Publish to Share!

Now you're ready to publish your notebook. Anyone with view permissions on your notebook will be able to interact with the controls and see the rest of the notebook update dynamically!

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