One of the greatest benefits of using a notebook over a dashboard is the ability to annotate your analysis. With interactive notebooks, sometimes these annotations can change depending on what filters or parameters have been selected.

With linked text, you can make sure your text updates with the rest of the notebook so your story stays consistent and your analysis always stays in-context.

What is Linked Text?

Linked text is the ability to reference a single value in a cell result within your text.

This allows your story to update along with the rest of your notebook.

To add link text you can use the syntax:


For example, the GIF above would be:

Tips for using Linked Text!

1 - Make sure you're sorting!

Often you may want to use Linked text to say: The top region in year X is Y. To do that make sure your query that's linked has an order by phrase so the data will always return in the order you expect.

2 - Use Linked Text for Headers

You can't yet use Linked text in Titles or Axis labels, so the best way around that is to use Header 3 to update the name of the chart to help the reader understand the rest of the notebook:

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